Need a new scanner/reader

My 16H5S is starting to playup more and more. It doesn’t read cds very often and now its not reading some dvds properly. All the drive is used for is scanning, reading, dl burning and sometimes cd burning. Its mainly used as a scanner/reader.

So what to replace with ? i can get a LH-20A1P, DH-20A3P and SH-16A7S. The sata drive im not sure i can fit as one sata port has a graphics card in the way.

I can’t find a benq drive so thats out of the question.

Any other suggestions, i’ll cross flash if i have to.

I’ve got the LH-20A1H (LS version of the P drive) which does just fine for me as reader/ripper and scanner. I can’t say anything about the other two as I don’t have them, but perhaps someone else will jump in. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I would suggest the LH-20A1P. Although the DH-20A3P shouldn’t be that different.
As far as SATA goes if it won’t fit then you have no choice anyway. :bigsmile:

so what is the difference between LH-20A1P and DH-20A3P?

I have been using the LH-20A1S for reading TV series discs lately but I have had a couple of incidents were I have had to revert back to my main reader the LG GSA-H10N. I liked the speed of the LiteON, it’s just it got hung up on a couple of discs that the LG although slower, breezed through. For scanning, I tried the LiteOn LH-20A1S for a while but then reverted back to my main scanner, the Samsung SH-162L.