Need a new SATA burner, LiteOn SHM-166 any good?

As per title, I don’t have 2x ide anymore just 1x on my new board so I need a new burner, would the LiteOn SHM-166 be a decent burner?
I have loads of Yuden003 and TYG003 discs, these must burn good.

Is it stable, with no or little issues?
Also how well does it do on lower quality media, my own Asus ( rebadged pioneer) actually likes Riteks plus format discs, they burn better then cmc…

Also will there be no issues with my sata controller being in raid mode? My ich8r must be in raid mode as I happen to have a raid 0 array (along with a standalone hdd drive too). Would I still be able to boot from the dvd drive etc?

So burner guru’s, how is the LiteOn SHM-166 : :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

So burner guru’s, how is the LiteOn SHM-166 : :)[/QUOTE]Never heard of this drive before. Google shows a shop link ( as only ODD related search result. :confused:
I [I]guess[/I], this [I]might [/I]be an OEM version of the SATA version of 165P6S. An old drive. Don’t expect any firmware updates for this.

It is also strange that no write speed figures are given at all, although they list the drive as DVD writer :confused:

Also will there be no issues with my sata controller being in raid mode?[/QUOTE]
Connecting an optical drive to a controller in RAID mode isn’t a good idea at all, unless you love trouble. Either you have to buy an additional SATA controller (Silicon Image based controllers are highly recommended since they seem to be the most compatible ones with non-RAID firmware) or get some external drive if there is no PATA connector available.


It’s a 16 x writer, indeed alternate doesn’t give much other info, if not this drive can you recommend a good but cheap Sata burner, I don’t care about features (lightscribe or whatever) aslong as it burns at 12x and burns good and reads good.

What is it then that can happen? I thought intel made their sata controller at least a bit compatible when they decided to drop an ide port and leaving the one that is left on a non chipset controller ( Jmicron ) .
Are there really known issues with the intel matrix controller and a sata dvdrw?
I do have both a pata and sata pci card but the pata gave huge problems freezing my mainboard even before it loaded windows and I’m fearing the sata will do the same.
I’m just trying to get an optical drive on my motherboard ( Asus p5b deluxe wifi ) but all I have is 6 sata ports in raid mode ( ive got 3 hdd’s on it of with 2 in an array) on the intel matrix ich8r controller, 2 hdd’s on my only ide port on a Jmicron controller and 2 E-sata ports on an unknown controller as I just don’t know what they’re on .

Ahwell in short: are there really known issues with an optical drive on the intel controller in raid mode?
And if not that drive from alternate, wich one then?

It’s a SATA burner. Looks ok. Did a google search and found it.

I have an Intel chipset on my board and the SATA controller (ICH8) works fine with ODDs in RAID mode (it’s how the PC came set up, actually).

YMMV though, you’d have to try it and see.

The LG H62N is a nice SATA burner. Quality burns on DVD media, and not a bad reader either.

I’ve just got a nec-sony-optiarc AD-7170 from my dad, it works perfectly fine on my intel controller in raid mode, no problems with reading/burning :).
I didn’t try the sata-ide convertor after all because it looked like it was one for hdd’s ( see my thread in generalk hardware if you wana know what i’m on about…).