Need a new monitor

Hey all,

Went to use this PC today to find that my monitor would not turn on. Its old now (Made in ‘99) so I will have to buy a new one. Luckly I found a yet older monitor in the loft so that will do for the short term. Can anyone recommend a good replacement? I’m not really bothed if its CRT or TFT, tho a TFT would be nice for space. It will have to be aleast a 17’. Also I’m a big gamer so it needs to be able to ‘keep up’ with my games. My GFX card has both VGA and DVI so conector is not a problem. As a last note, I don’t have alot to spend, so I think I will have to go with CRT.


If you can put up with CRT desk-space hogs, there’s some serious bargains on secondhand CRT monitors at the moment. One local source I know of has some 22" Iiyama monitors for sale at 75 quid and a 3 month warranty. Find a supplier who is known to have contracts with local councils, government departments, schools, universities and so forth. They’re usually a good bet.

Excellent monitor, good price. I have one, and I like it very much. :iagree:

Just after christmas, i purchased a 19" Veiwsonic E92f+ CRT in silver and black. It was about £130 brand new, and free delivery from Amazon. Footprint is not much bigger than my old Dell 17". Definately worth a look, if you can find one.

here is a list of some of the best TFT monitors

  1. 17" TFT Vewsonic VX724 or 20" VP201b or 17" VG712
  2. 17" TFT Sony SDM- HS75PB
  3. 17" TFT NEC multisync 70GX
  4. 17" TFT Sharp LL-171G-B

Happy buying :wink:

I forgot to mention the prices, it ranges from £200 - £400 UK pounds est.

I’m not sure what country you are in but it looks like crt monitors are getting harder to find (of course you can always get them online). I need one too and checked best buy, frys, compusa, micro center, circuit city, and office depot. All any of them had were a few 17" ones intended to be bundles with computers (but avalable seperate) and maybe a few others. Bestbuy had a mag 17" and a display model only of a 19". fry’s, office depot, and circuit city only had 17" intended to be sold with computers. If you want cheap, I did find one good deal. Microcenter has refurbished 21 inch monitors for 100$ (either 30 or 90 day waranty, cannot remember), 11$ for a 1 year waranty, 20$ for a 2 yr. Brands very (aparently they are all oem brands like dell, hp, ibm etc). They also had 19" and 17" but they were only slightlly cheaper.