Need a new DVD player that works well

I just returned my Sony DVP-NS45P to the store. It would freeze toward the end of dvd-r’s when using the fast forward function.

I want to buy another player. My budget is in the range of $60.00 to $75.00.
I want it to play jpeg cd’s as well as jpeg dvd’s, which most do.
I also want it to play DVD-r/rw & DVD+r/rw.

So, what are the top five dvd players. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input.

I own two panasonics and a pioneer and have never had an issue with them playing my burned DVD’s, but I only use DVD+R’s and booktype set to DVD-Rom. But they’ve never had an issue with booktype set to DVD+R either

All of my backups are DVD-R. I’m not sure what a booktype is?

One of these days I’m going to post about the burners I have. I want them to run there best. Is there a program out there that I could download and gather all the info on my dvd setup so I can post the info to y’all?

yes, use forum search tools, but Nero info tools, etc gives a total info of your set up, etc. Also Bel-Arc advisor will tell you about “EVERYTHING” on your system. If I’m correct, you can’t “bitset” for DVD-R, Booktype setting allows the burner to finalize the a DVD+R Disc as a DVD-Rom disc which can make it more compatible with a wider range of players as this what a commercially produced DVD is seen as…get the picture…but before you go flashing your drives or changing things do “ALOT” of research…many of us having been doing this for years and still learn something new every day!!

I like the panasonic DVD-S52

I would recommend the Sony DVP-NS57P/B it Plays: DVD, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and JPEG. The price most places looks to be around $59.00. I have that same player and a Sony DVP-NS50 player and they both play everything.

Take a look here to read interesting things:
Only an idea…
If you get trouble at the end of disc, your disc could become corrupt. May be too fast burning. Some discs are very fast corrupt, others needs longer time… The end of the disc is the first part that not working, later the beginning…

Could very well be that your [I]discs[/I] are the culprit, not the player… what are these discs (brand, rated speed?)? You can also download DVDIdentifier and post their mediacode.

Alright, here’s the info:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:MCC 03RG20 ]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [MCC 03RG20 ]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

[ DVD Identifier V5.0.1 - ]

I got about 1000 dvd’s using this kind. Everything was burnt with the HP/LG burner. the Lite-on is brand new. That DVD slot use to have a DVD player that came with the computer. I got that Lite-on at Walmart the other day for $20.00

Philips Players have very good video, play nearly anything, but some lack S-Video out and the remote is very poor, most can be made region free and play DivX. Many under $80
Look at DVP5960, DVP5140, DVP3960

If the brand of these discs is actually [B]Verbatim[/B], then the culprit is most probably [I]not[/I] the discs. If the brand is [I]not [/I]Verbatim, though, there are many chances that they [I]are[/I] the culprit, as most non-Verbatim MCC03RG20 are of low quality or plain fake MCC (except when Infiniti or Mitsubishi branded - these should be good too).

As for the player, I’ll second [B]CCRomeo[/B]'s input. If you can get over the awful remote, the 5960 is a great player, with the advantages he mentions (easy de-zoning, very good picture quality for the price range, will play almost anything even poor discs etc…) :iagree:

Personally after a couple of months the remote of my 5960 drives me nuts, so I’m looking for an alternative, but I can’t find the same quality in this price range… so I’ll have to wait some more until I can get a Denon or something like that… :bigsmile:

I have a RCA DRC257N great feature set; but poor zoom and the remote makes even the Philips one look good

The discs are Verbatim brand.

If the problem is the Disc’s or the way I backed them up, do I need to recopy the master or can I copy the bad copies with any success?

What would be cool if there was a dvd player/recorder that would jive with my Tivo series 2. I wish I could use the “save to VCR” function and that would kick on my dvd player/recorder automatically, like it does with a VCR w/ a tape already inside. I’m aware of the Tivo all in one product with the dvd recorder inside itself.

There are too many brands, players on the market and it is not easy to choose a good one.

Sony players are not considered to be “good”. Same goes to some Philips models for many reasons.

If you want to buy a reliable player, I would suggest a Pioneer, please have a look here:

Concerning the freeze at the end of the disc:

it is a complex question, but the answeer is simple: use a good software and decent media. It may happen that you have to experiment a little as your player might not “like” the medium written at the speed you did.

What models, and according to whom?

Same goes to some Philips models for many reasons.
Same question?
If you want to buy a reliable player, I would suggest a Pioneer
The latest “entry level” Pioneer models like the 393 and 490 are well below par in terms of video performance. :disagree:.
Believe me, I’ve done my homework before buying my last player, I WANTED a Pioneer (based on my previous positive experience with my very first player), and changed my mind rather quickly after some serious research.

Of course, if you get to a higher price range (> $ 150) the Pioneer players are excellent :iagree: . The 696AV is a lovely machine.

But for a dedicated DVD player, personally I wouldn’t have paid more than I did with the Philips 5960 right now, because of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray coming fast.:wink: Would have been like buying twice. :slight_smile:

Is that possible? :eek: It must be really dreadful then! :bigsmile:


The answer to your question is on the World Wide Web, in professional Forums dealing with DVD Players. And last but not least, personal experinece.
The main problem with a number of Philips players is the firmware that is “written” far away from the old continent, and those who do the job simply can not cope with solving the problems indicated by users, testers. That is why if you have a closer look at the new firmware of certain models, you won’t find substantial changes. It led to an interesting phenomenon, namely users/professionals started writing Philips firmware for themselves and ofc others. There are many sites hosting these firmware. An example: Have a look, interestingly and naturaly most firmware were written for Philips players.

And to conclude, I don’t intend to have an argument about what brand is better. Every user has her/his preference based on personal experience. That is what counts. Oh, and don’t forget: “The truth is over there”…

A couple of links, or real-world reasons, would have been better than a patronizing sentence which demonstrates nothing else than your personal convictions, which are fine as long as you don’t turn them into “authorized” arguments (“Sony players are not considered to be “good”. Same goes to some Philips models for many reasons.” :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ). Some “in my opinion” and “here is why” in your input woudn’t hurt. :bigsmile: I did, at least, post two links to tests explaining why I don’t recommend the current low-end Pioneer units.

I know about the Philips tweaked firmwares. Contrary to what you seem to think, I’m no ignorant. But one can find these firmwares mainly because they’re easy to tweak, not because other brands write better firmwares or have more frequent firmware updates… in this area, just take a look at Pioneer’s (your favorite brand, right?) firmware updates for their DVD players… ahem… though the 393V and 490V are in desperate need of an upgrade to solve the Y/C delay, white level, chroma and blacker-than-black issues… and bet we will never see such an upgrade from Pioneer.

I didn’t say that Philips players are in general good, or better than the rest. Just that at this place in time, right now in Q2 2007, they have with the 5960 the best sub-$100 DVD player in terms of video performance and discs compatibility. What’s next in the game is the Sony NS-75H (but it crops too many pixels for my taste). And if you spend more than $ 150-160, anything Denon or Pioneer will be an excellent choice.

I see… :rolleyes:

Oh I forgot the OPPO DV-981HD, around a $200 price tag you can’t get anything better than this player IMO. That’s the one I would have bought if I hadn’t basically wanted keep my money for a HD/BD player sometime next year. :slight_smile:

Seems there are always people here in CDF, who think that they walk on the water, and leave the mental state of pseudo-perfection just for some seconds to write ex-cathedra statements.

For the last time I will deal with this situation.

Let’s go step by step:

  1. As you consider yourself an unquestionable guru trying to set norms for others, it could have been a right presumption that you can use the WWW and as member of this community you are aware of sites dealing with the issue. Take your time and google.
  2. Absolutely twisted and false logic to state that Philips (or any other) firmware are tweaked because they are easy to modify. They are tweaked to improve performance or to correct some faults.
  3. Remember: “firmware” does not have a plural form. So if you take the courage to argue, first read and learn.

And finally, as I have stated this is my last post here. I am sorry, Tax, but I don’t intend to spend my time on muscle-heads. Take care you all.