Need A New DVD Player - Basic with Great Read Ability

Hello everyone. I’m looking to purchase a new DVD player. I have a very old Sony DVD player now that is just crapping out lately. Brand new movies are skipping and pixalting. It’s time to replace it, but I have no idea what to get. I read a lot of reviews on cnet, but everything has upscaling and all that stuff that I don’t need, and don’t want to pay for at this point. I still have an old CRT with no HD.

I just want a very good basic DVD player. My only focuses are image quality and read ability. My current player, even when it is playing okay, the machine itself sounds like it is spazzing out. So I don’t want to place read ability over image quality, but it is very important.

If anyone could recommend anything, that would be great. I don’t mind paying for a good product, I just don’t want to pay for a bunch of features I wouldn’t use if I don’t have to (upscaling, HDMI, etc).


Well from the budget dvd player review in issue 322 of what video and high-definition tv mag the Denon DVD-1730 and the Samsung DVD-HD870 both got 5 stars and both are around £100 or less.

Thought you might get more help in this forum rather than General Hardware.

If your in the U.S.

I needed to replace my CD player for a system in my garage / backyard. Didn’t need much just a simple player.
Went to Circuit city and found this.

I paid $39 yesterday, and see it’s $29.99 today (after rebate). This might not be a good unit, but it’s a Phillips (made in china).

Even if it last’s a year, it would be worth it.

That Philips is a good player with a weak remote and with Philips it is hard to fiind firmware updates. Yet it is a good value.