Need a new CD scanner



I am looking for a new CD scanner. I was thinking about Plextor drive, but after the recent announcements, that pretty much changed my mind. Does anyone have any suggestions which drive would make a good CD scanner?



I think, Benq DW 1620/1640/165x (nowadays hard to find) together with latest Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.7x are best for scanning CD media.



I was thinking about BenQ too, but I also have scratched them off the list because they are leaving the computer optical drive business too.

Any other suggestions besides BenQ or Plextor drives?


Maybe an [B]older [/B]Liteon CD-RW drive. Their latest creature (SOHR-5239V) isn’t a good scanner.



Well, I guess I can get a BenQ drive because nero and other third party software supports their drives, unlike Plextor. However, I am sort of going in circles here. Is it that bad that the only other option I have is to buy a rebadged BenQ from CompUSA?


I think you may try NEC drives. Though NEC not a good DVD scanner, a average one for scanning.


BenQ or Plextor if possible, all others don’t provide enough information IMO.