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After having bad luck with 2 Lite On 811s burners, I need a new burner. After buying a new home and paying Uncle Sam :a :a I would like to find a rebadged NEC or a good deal on one. If someone can convince me that another model of liteOn is going to produce some decent burns I would stick with LiteOn or a rebadged LiteOn. I have always bought LiteOn but have been real disappointed with the last two. Any help ?


I’m a big fan of the Pioneer 108 myself. Go to and you can pick one up for under $100 with shipping included. This supports up to 16x burning for both formats and 4x D/L DVD+R burning. The other handy feature is that this drive automatically burns the DVD+R with the booktype set as DVD-ROM so you won’t have as many compatibility issues with +R (quite handy for D/L). Anyways, Pioneer has been around since day 1 when it comes to burning DVDs and they are virtually made for Ritek DVD-R (my favorite choice of media for the money). The NEC burners are great too but it often takes a firmware upgrade before they are really solid.


My mate, who owns over 20 burners(5 pc’s each with 2 burners and a box of spare burners!) brought 6 LitOns and took hem all back within a month. I have fonly our burners 1 Richo and 3 NEC’s. The last NEC I brought I payed $168 AU but I was Quoted $130 last week for an NEC 2510A. I don’t know what you pay in the US but I would be interested o a price comparision.


I use’s surrancy converter for current exchange rates. Rates it this second are 1 AUD = 0.698345 USD or 1 USD = 1.43196 AUD

Currently, for example, $130 AUD is 90.7848 USD

Right now the NEC 3500 (OEM) is $83 for beige, and $85USD for silver or black with $4.00 fed-ex saver shipping at (I just ordered mine Friday and the price just dropped. GRRRRRR. lol)

So far the burn results I’ve seen from look promising, and there should soon be a patch to do Single Layer, (SL) bitsetting!

The Poineer drive Jesterrace recomended is also an excelent drive, and I’d considered it, but there were a couple things that pushed me toward the NEC. Either way, i know I’ve got a great drive now, and I’d have probably been happy with the Pioneer unit as well. Right about now, I’d say that’s where the best price-point lays in the United States, either the 3500 or the 108.


PS, I’ll soon be posting burn results on SL Ritek 8x +r Inkjet white’s, as well as some newegg media of unknown manufacture I’m getting as a freebie. Of course, the media will be identified as well.


I live in L.A. California, USA. There are a number of computer swap meets around here where Computer parts importers sell everything. I can get the plextor 12X DL for $73.00 the sony 18a is $57. the 18adl id $64. and the nec s sell for a little less. a 100 verbatum 52X CDR’s cost $17.00 , A hard drive is about .60 cents a gigabite. there is a show every weekend somewhere within driving range. Its hard not to buy everthing. Memory. is still cheap. $70. for kingston 512meg ddr pc 3700. at the last show they had dvdXcopy Plat. for $42. cpu’s are still very low. AMD xp 3200 400fsb is $160. the FX 3500 about $270. and Intel 3.2ghrtz 478 with 1 meg L2 is $185.00 the new sockets are even cheaper. hope that gives you an idea about prices. Every time I look at newegg,com I wounder why everone thinks there so low. then I see someone on the net sell the Chenbro XpiderII for $110.00 and it $40.0 at the shows with a 375 ps.


Those are great prices! Will have to do a search and see if they have those same types of shows here in San Jose. You would think so.

Not everyone has the time for, or the access to these Los Angeles computer shows. Newegg is great because it’s lower cost mail-order, because I can shop from my home computer, and because they deliver it to my door.



I am using more and more these days - what with the high cost of gas and the limited market area that I live in (my UPS guy and I am on a first name basis)-

Also like the fact that they started a rating system for their vendors-

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Buying from computer shows or the internet can be dangerous though, What if you get something that’s broken - it’s a pain to return, sometimes impossible at the shows, the vendors you bought it from disappear, leaving no contact information. Who knows how they got those drives or if they work… sometimes you get a good deal but I’d rather not risk the mortality rate on the drive in the hands of some guy a show who I’ll never see again.


Yo Skreet-

Great analogy-

That’s why it pays to ALWAYS buy from a reputable dealer - preferably one that you can drive to or has great onsite ratings (like I don’t buy on eBay from anyone that has a bunch of negatives)

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I bought the NEC drive. :wink: :iagree:



Unless I missed something in the last few days, this is not true. The booktype is automatically set to DVD-ROM for DVD+R Double Layer media only, and not for single layer DVD+R. Pioneer is the key player of the DVD-R camp, and they won’t support anything that might give the competing format any advantages.


get Pioneer DVD-R 107D or Pioneer DVR-108D


Hell no!, go get the NEC 3500 from It can do DL and 16x media, and + or - media. Also, you can get Herrie’s new firmware to enable bitsetting on BOTH DL and SINGLE layer disks. Superb deal at btw. $77 :



Now has the ND-3500a for $75 + $4 shipping!!!


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Not familiar with the Pioneer but with all the good work being done by Liggy on the firmware and scans etc… by others, the NEC forum has been the place to be and I am back to enjoying burning! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yo nmpaulcp-

Looks like you got the 3500 - good for you - are you going to flash it with the 2.17 firmware? I did and am very happy with the results (thanks again Herrie) and getting GREAT movie backup burns to my Tayio Yuden -R’s at 12x

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I flashed it with the beta5 (is that the 2.17 firmware?) Thankd to liggy and his GUI and tdb’s bitsetting tool also. Not to concerned with speed here just good burns. Looks real promising, RICOHJPNR01 look great and I am getting ready to try some others. :wink: :wink: :wink: