Need a New Burner @ Newegg: Suggestions?



My trusty Samsung DVD player died. Have BenQ 1640 as primary burner. I need another DVD burner to replace my dead Samsung.

Ideally, looking for the best reader/ripper out there and for a decent price. (not paying for a plextor!!!)

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


A LiteOn LH-18A1P or a LH-20A1P can be had for $27.99 and 28.99 respectively (plus shipping). I still like the 6S family myself. I’d pay a few dollars more for this:

Just my 2 cents - good luck.



If you are looking for a kick@ss reader/ripper - there was none made better/faster than the AOpen 1648/aap pro - and it is still available here for $35 shipped:

Mated to your 1640 - you would have a great combination IMO-eh!


If you still have CUSA in your local area open or in process of closing, look into their store, you may still find Compusa, Computer Connect or even Norwood brands which they are repackage of BenQ drive (mostly 1650 & 1655) and buy one as they remain as very reliable burners.


i’d get a lite-on for reading


Liteon LH-20A1H-185

34.99 free shipping. :slight_smile:


You might want to look at this one.