Need a method to extract working firmware from a Hitachi GSA-4163b - TDB?


I’m trying to help out the majority of us users who have “OEM” Hitachi GSA-4163b drives. These drives have different serial numbers (read post here and if the Hitachi drives are flashed with A10x firmware, they lose their bitsetting ability.

However, when i purchased my unit, it was loaded with AN14 firmware. Previous users (yangxi) have reported earlier in Feb 2005 that units with AX11 firmware also existed. I suspect this firmware is customized for the Hitachi drives, and as I recall, my drive HAD bitsetting properties now. However having upgraded to A105 firmware, hope is lost.

I’m wondering if TDB or any other parties can develop a method to extract firmware from the LG 4163b drives, as I can attempt to get users who STILL have the AN14 firmware on their drives to extract it and let us OEM Hitachi users who want to use bitsetting make it a reality.

Please do help out.

(PS : my Hitachi OEM was manufactured this year, so it’s not a “august 2004” batch)

Yes I’ve tried the LG GSA-4163B(hitachi oem) and it seems there is this inability to bit-set like what you’ve said.Hmm…

Is it possible to crossflash the 4167B and 4163B?
Hitachi doesn’t do oem or pc pheripherals right?If you did told me earlier I might have dump the driver as a backup.Sigh**
Now I am just stucked as you.LOL

I know I am responding to such an old post, but if anyone else is looking for ANxx firmware for the 4163B, you can get hold of AN16 from here :

Need a method to extract working firmware from a Hitachi GSA-4163b - TDB?

OEM LG can never be “GSA”.

Chef, this is a bit confusing. There are two kinds of OEM here :

  1. The drive came installed in a system you bought from a company like Dell - this is the kind that is usually a non-GSA drive. (that isn’t completely true either because some HP systems come loaded with a GSA-4166B).
  2. Rebadging - where one company gets LG to make drives for them, and then they sell them under their own brand (e.g. Buffalo, IO-Data).

The “OEM” referred to above is type 2. However, things get even more confusing at this point :

Hitachi releases their own versions of LG writers, which tend to be slightly different. In the case of the 4167B, Hitachi’s version a)has a black casing (LG’s is silver), b)uses different firmware which gives it UDMA4 (LG’s is only UDMA2), c)auto booktyping, d)is made in a totally different factory in Malaysia (LG’s is made in China). These are typically only sold in Japan and rebadged as some other brand name. Yet Hitachi’s versions have exactly the same model numbers as LG’s versions.

The 4163B mentioned above is a rebadged Hitachi 4163B sold as an NEC with different firmware.

Patched versions of AN16.

Brother Vlad

So you meant HLDS and not LG?!

Lol, this is going to be VERY confusing :slight_smile: HLDS stands for Hitachi LG Data Storage. It’s a joint venture between both companies. So the drives are all labelled as HLDS. However, each side releases its own versions of the same model of drive. Most of what you get around the world is LG’s versions. Hitachi’s version is mostly found in Japan only. They are usually slightly different. Confusingly, both come with exactly the model numbers.

Thank you TDB. Not sure what on earth the difference is though.

For those who are curious : I tried AN16 on my LG released 4163B. Can’t detect any difference. No UDMA4, doesn’t appear to have auto-bitsetting (manual bitsetting still works). Read speeds are the same for various types of DVD media.

I’ve also tried Buffalo’s version which is supposed to be slightly different from stock 4163B firmware. Can’t really tell the difference there though, but I didn’t spend enough time testing that. I am pretty sure that version does not support UDMA4.

That’s why I mentioned it. :wink:

And the confusion - yeah, it grows. :?