Need a little info

I’m quite new to all this backing up pc games and movies though i have been around pc’s a long time. I was wondering are -R or +R disks better for backing up pc games?

+R discs that are bitsett to dvd-rom would be the best if you can do this with your burner, if not then use quality -R.

Ako, is there a list somewhere of bitset capable burners for him (and me) to reference?

not that i know of off hand, but if your looking for a burner capable of bitsetting then eather the liteon 16xxs or nec 3520 or benq are all good burners.

my 2 cents…if it going to be your only burner, avoid the liteons like the plage.

naaa the new ones are good :iagree:

we will have to agree to disagree on that one :wink:

I will be using a Plextor 716a, are they any good?

yes…one of the best.