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I have been reading for about 2 weeks now on how to change firmware on my Nec 3500, I think I’m more confuse now than when I started reading. I have looked around for step by step instruction guide for dummies. What I mean instructions is something like download, then click start and so on I mean basic stuff. I tried to upgrade using nec guidlines but my new computer crashed, I read where someone else had the same problem. I built my computer it was a piece of cake compared to this. I will be using Yuden r+ 8x printables. I’m running windows xp pro. Please don’t hit me to hard! it took alot for me to ask for help!!!

Thanks Pete

  1. Download this:

  2. Then Download your firmware of choice from :

  3. Run nec flash and select “flash”

  4. Select the .bin file of the firmware you chose and select “open”…the program walks you through the rest

I recommend using 218btrpc1 as a good starting point…hope this helped


Fly, thank you so much!!! I will give it a try.



my pleasure…let me know how it goes


Fly, I have done what you said but, it does not work for me I did the following,

  1. downloaded and save it to a folder I made
  2. then downloaded 218btrpc1.rar to the same folder
  3. then I ran the nec flash program and selected flash
  4. then I went to the folder containing 218btrpc1.rar and tried to opened


what now??

thanks Pete


You have to extract the 218btrpc1.rar file first. (.rar = compressed file) :wink:


You said extract it, do you mean unzip it? if you do I have done that and I still get the same message. I check the properties and it is still a rar! As I said I said in my first post I think it’s easier to build the computer than learning this stuff, thank you for helping me!!!

frustrated Pete


You must have extracted it to somewhere else? Extract it to the same folder. You should have a .bin file after you extract it.


What tool do I use to extract it with? I’m trying to use zipcentral that might be my problem.

Thanks Pete




If it’s a .rar file you will need this >


You guys are awesome, all I needed was winrar and help! Thanks again guys it worked wonderful, checked device manager and I have the new firmware.

Thank You very much guys