Need a Little help, I have 4 files and am not sure what to do



ok…I have 4 files and they took a really long time to get with dial up… I’m not sure what to do with them, and I’m using alcohol 120… 2 of them are recognized as image files…there is a 770.7mb IMG file, a 1kb CCD file, a 1kb CUE file, and a 31.5mb SUB file. you have no idea how much I’d appreciate any help! :bow:

PS: if it helps in any way, its a video games…but i dont think it will…


Since the image is more than 703MB, it is probably a video CD image. I would guess it is for an SVCD. image/cue/subtitle

I haven’t burned any SVCDs for a long time. I used to use Cdrdao for Linux to burn them.


Don’t expect any support here for downloaded images :cop:


I’ts blood 2: The Chosen and I own it, but the CD is damaged beyond working condition. I have been trying to buy it, but if you know anything about blood… you’d know blood 2 is almost impossible to get your hands on, and if you do the expansion is 30 times more impossible…


Nevertheless, if you downloaded them, no support. Rules are rules, and if the rules are bent for one person who claims they own the originals, then why have the rules at all since anyone can claim that?


Contact the game’s manufacturer/distributor. Most will replace a damaged disc for a fairly nominal fee.