Need a little help here

Well I have a NEC 2510A drive, and I noticed all burning software say I can only burn at 4x, Ive tried all the diff media, but I cannot get past 4x. Ive seen the different fireware hacks for it, but they all only work with the ND-2500A, nothing I have tried or downloaded will work on a ND-2510A. If someone has the CORRECT info, please post it and let me know!

Thanks a bunch, Great forums here and I like the info.

People in the forum said that NEC 2500 and NEC 2510 has the same hardware, the only difference is the firmware that you can download. Currently latest firmare for 2500 based on HP drive (that is actualy NEC 2500) and supports Dual Layer disks. So you can burn latest FW from Herrie (found in this forum) in DOS and you drive will work fine. It will show up as 2500, but I don’t think it’s a problem. :slight_smile: Later when Herrie will release the final version, he said he will make versions with different identifications strings so you can choose how you want your drive appear in Windows: as NEC 2500 or NEC 25100 or even HP or TDK. :slight_smile:

Hope my answer helps! If I said something wrong, people will correct me, but I believe that everything said is correct.

Yours, Maxim.

Well my drive is already capable of recording dual layer disks, I just want to remove rip lock and have the ability to burn at 8x, like it is said it can.

I have tried the 2500A firmware, and when I try to run in, it tells me it cannot find the ND-2500A drive. So no luck there.

You need to flash it in DOS.

You can download a rip lock-removed, RPC-1 version of the firmware from The Dangerous Brothers site:

It will also let you burn at 8x, but only on media that NEC has in its firmware as capable of 8x.

If you want to burn other media at 8x, then you will need to use Herrie’s beta firmware, and flash the firmware in DOS.

can I flash it via the command prompt? or do I need to be in DOS?

You must boot from a floppy with DOS and upgrade it from there. has all the tools you need.


how can i boot into DOS? is there certin software I need or drivers or anything? Im on Windows XP, and I dont have a floppy drive, only cd drives.

Make a DOS boot CD or go buy a floppy drive for a dollar.

I can use a CD cant I to boot from?

lol… just skipped right over that part.


Flashed the drive in DOS, with the link here and I tried to burn a dvd movie at 8x, it would only use 6x, media I am using is RICOHJPN R01
I tried to burn the movie in copytodvd, it did work fne, just not the speed I wanted.

Any ideas?

The stock NEC firmware only allows writing RICOHJPNR01 media at 6x.

While Herrie’s beta firmware will write it at 8x, some of the media is of varying quality and may not write well at 8x.

I usually write my RICOHJPNR01 media at 6x, even though I use Herrie’s firmware, just because I find the write quality at 6x is much better than at 8x. I’ve tried writing it with my Sony DW-U18A (OEM LiteOn SOHW-812S) at 8x and its not that great either.

oh I gotcha… when you mean ‘write well’ you are refering to it will make good coasters?

6x is fine with me, but I would like to burn at 8x, but is it kinda luck of the draw?

I mean it won’t make coasters. :slight_smile:

And I mean that the number of PI/PO errors on the disc is low.

If you want to burn at 8x, then you will need to use Herrie’s firmware as the NEC stock firmware only goes up to 6x for that media.

can you point me in right direction for herries firmware? and do i need to flash in DOS again?