Need a little bit of help, )

First off, I have been reading these forums and I would just like to say that some of you guys out here really know what your talking about! nice job!

Now for the point of this post. I have a DVD movie folder with Video TS and Audio TS files. When I am burning a DVD do these both need to be on the DVD? IF so I am not sure how to do it because it only lets you select one folder then you have to burn. One more quick question, I burned a dvd and it worked great on my PC, sound and all, I onlly used the Video TS folder, when I put it into my DVD player it said could not play disc? Why would that be? Works fine in my PC menus and all!!

Thanks for any help gents,

What are you useing to make the dvd? Yes all you need is the video ts folder the sound is in it. Although some players won’t play unless the adio folder is in it too but nowdays the video ts is all you’ll need.

I am using Easy DVD clone, is there a better one (I am sure there is lol)
By the way, thanks for the info!!
How do you add the second folder when burning?