Need a LCD screen

I need a preferably a lcd monitor with a vga plug for under $100 (The lower The better). I have searched ebay and the all famous newegg, but i have only found really expensive ones or they didn’t include a plug, or they didnt work at all. I need a link to this kind of item im searching for. Thanx in advance

You’ll be hard pressed to find a brand new monitor for under a $100.00 US you’ll most likely be looking at the $120.00 US mark if some are on sale, otherwise they will usually start around the $160.00 US mark and go up.

Have you considered a pawn shop?

Right now Newegg has a couple of monitors on sale for $119.00

One for $109.00 US


Staples has an eMachines 21.5" widescreen LCD for $89.98 on Black Friday:

Office Max has an AOC 22" widescreen LCD for $99.99, also on BF: