Need a lastest driver of nvidia

i want lastest driver of driver of nvidia gforce2 400mmx (64mb)
any bodyknows ???/

2nd problem;
i want to run age of empire 2 but its not running on win xp SP2 …it is running fine on win 98…but on xp it gives the error… ‘“perfrom illegeal …” click on “send”…’‘dont send’’…so wt should i do ?
While the Geforce 2MX models DO appear in the supported list, the lack of support for any other Geforce 2 models suggests this might be a mistake.

It may be better to fall back to to the last “all supported” driver

Updaing the driver for such an old card makes little difference, since it is not capable of modern tricxks in hardware, and software emulation of things like Pixel shaders would be insanely slow if it were possible (some say that using the DirectX developer kit, “Reference Rasteriser” does allow full software emulation).

PS. Unless using a pirate copy of Windows or the other program involved in the fault, ALWAYS SEND - in some cases, it will direct you to a solution for a known bug.

My old Geforce 2 GTS works best with the 23.11 drivers, which I got from Windows Update. All of the newer drivers give me a decrease in performance, which in some cases is a big decrease.

Since the 2 GTS and the 2 MX400 are closely related, 23.11 will probably work the best for you too.

Anyon knows wher ken get driver for Sound Blaster? I m 2 lazee 2 go 2 creetive lab web page?!?
user : drivers
pass : all

TommyCP: Actually NGO nVidia Optimized Driver 1.7772 for Win2K and XP increased performance quite a bit from 4X.XX on my GF2MX.
As for SB Live! kX Project is the shit :wink:

i guess that depends on your needs,the kx drives dont fully support eax/eax2/eax3 so for gamers it isnt a first class choice

Never used EAX and probably never will… I rather have working ASIO support :smiley:

Shee, you folks can’t tell when I’m mocking the original lazy-ass poster?

“I need drivers for an nVidia card! I’m too lazy to type and click on drivers… where can I get some?”

Throw in a little bong filtering.

“U gize no were 2 get sum?”

doubleclick on the version you want and download.