Need a knowledgeable person's thoughts on current drive

I’m afraid to say when I bought my current PC, I was a complete PC noob so to speak, and bought a heap of junk from Dell. While I’ve replaced the vast majority of the parts (which will be transferable to a new PC when I build it), I still have the original DVD-Rom, CD-RW drive that came with my PC.

Basically, I’ve just bought a Lite-On LH-20A1H (for writing DVDs) to stick in my PC, and have started to wonder what my current drive is actually like, as previously I had no idea drives varied in quality, speed, etc.

I’m only planning to use the old Dell one for reading from now on, but I would be interested in seeing what people in the know reckon to its specifications, and how they compare to other drives on the market, bearing in mind I’m only interested in it in a reading capacity - it, nor a potential replacement would ever be required to write.

The specs (which I regret to say I don’t really understand) are here

Apologies for being so clueless in this field, but like I said it’s really not something I’m into, and hopefully my posting in this section does serve as a warning :wink:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Well, your drive is made by LG. I don’t have any experience of LG DVD-ROM drives, but the LG burners I have are fairly picky readers (for the most part, one model has been reported to be OK in that respect).

The LiteOn drive you’ve bought, on the other hand is a very good reader from what I’ve noticed :wink:

Hopefully someone who has/had LG DVD-ROM drives can comment further. :slight_smile:

How old is the drive unit itself and did dell have a link to updated for upgrade the drive firmware? take a look at this site and tell us if it matches your unit firmware?
At least we can start and see what it compares to the unit you have there to see if they match up.

Thanks - and yeah, I spent a long time researching quite a few drives on this site, so I think it should perform well.

As for the firmware, I’m not really sure how to check that out. Nero Infotool says it’s version 1.0, but then it also says that it can’t write anything, and gives a question mark for date and serial number, so I’m not convinced by what it says.

Also, I bought the system in October 2004, no mention of firmware at Dell.

Another way to find out what kinda of unit it is-is to take it out and look at the label that is attached to the drive unit which describe what the make and model and sometimes the serial number of the drive itself. And it might have the name of the drive manufacture on there as well. That would be where I would look and then find the company and contact them with your drive info and see what the tech support responds back to you on your unit and where you can update the firmware if possible. Also if you go into device manager and click on properties of the drive unit it self and then click on the details tab it should tell you in that one line the firmware version of you drive.

But also forgot to mention I do have a LH-20A1H LL0A firmware drive and it has done me very good only a few dvd wasn’t able to read for some unknown reason but there is also my liteon 832S VSOM firmware drive also in my system just for that reason that the dvd the 20 can’t see or read or find the 832 for unknown reason can see, read, and play them. So there is also a good reason to keep a older drive but how old would be up to your preferrences just incase you run into those times when one drive can read it and one drive can’t read the media.

Yeah it’s mentioning E106 in device manager under the hardware ID and the firmware coolcolours linked to was 1.06, so presumably I’m on the latest version