Need a home DVD player!


I’ll get straight to the point :bigsmile: I need a stand alone DVD player [Under £100 if possible] for my home and im very unsure what will do the job nicely.
As far as im conserned i dont want any special features or addons and things like that i just want a good DVD player that will do the following!

I need it to play backups of my own dvd’s on +/- R disks and some on +/-RW disks and i also need it to play backups of all my stargate SG1 VCD’s
and some SVCD’s :smiley: im not too bothered whether or not it has mp3 capability or anything like that, Anyhow i think you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue: and FYI im in
the uk if that helps or makes any difference, so any help from you guys and girls would be appreciated! very much.

If you have anything to add to that list of TO DO’s for the DVD player, feel free to alert me to them as im very
new to buying home dvd players as this will be my own personal first DVD player and not one i’ve borrowed :stuck_out_tongue:
and i may not know something that would benefit me :slight_smile: thank you.

This is my DVD player that I bought from Plays everything I throw at it. Even plays my SG1 Divx DVDs (11 episodes per disc at very high quality)

pacific @ asda £35 you can read up on it at

Asid’s suggestion is an excellent choice. You can read more about the standalone here:

I’ve had good experience with Apex 1110 and 1225 players but have been looking for something that will play divx and raw mpegs. The Phillips sounds like something I might try after the excellent reviews i’ve seen! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I tried the Philips and I dodn’t care for the video quality myself. I like Panasonic, but it doesn’t do divx, but with DVDr so cheap it doesn’t really matter much.

[i]Nice one people thank you, i like the look of that philips might be grabing myself one of those if i cant find another one that fits the bill.

But before i commit myself to anything, Has anyone else got some wisdom for me :wink: or some more players to have a look at.[/i]

I cant edit my post above so here i go!

I have narrowed it down to these players that i have ben looking @ from various website’s /forum
recommendations etc and all i want now is some “more” feedback from you guys if possible?

Philips DVD729 BLACK (Multi Region) £39:99
Philips DVP630 SILVER (Multi Region) £59:99 - DVP632 = Black am i right?

Appologies for babbling on but i dont want to be dissapointed when i make a decission as you probably understand.
Maybe you can think of something i should know about these players? or something that might
sway my decission to another DVD player etc, Anything that will help would be appreciated.