Need a HDD checking proggy and Linux guide



1)can anyone suggest a good program for checking HDDs for bad sectors ?
I liked the old Norton Disk Doctor(the one that came with NU for Dos), however, the recent one is lacking to say the least.

2)I would like to start using Linux and looking for some starting point, a basics guide or something.


try this site or this

  1. Go to your manufactorer’s site and you’ll find a tool.

  2. Even though you’re asking for Linux I’d like to recommend FreeBSD’s handbook. FreeBSD is similar to Linux although I find it more organized than Linux in general and easier to maintain. Fetching and installing applications is very easy using ports. You can also run Linux binaries if you’d like to.
    Chapter 3 is what you’re looking for specificly.



#5 has lots of linux distro’s listed. i would recommend getting a live cd, so that you can run linux without actually installing it. it serves as a stepping stone to linux, without forcing you to learn too much too soon.

i recommend knoppix :smiley:


Live-CDs are useless if you wanna teach yourself, you can’t do a thing except lauch already included applications.
Go with a real OS/Distro.


I haven’t finished d/l isos so I have one more question, does Linux come with a util to restore dual boot setup ie. I install winblows and Linux and then have to re-install winblows which fucks up dual boot.


Yes you can it’s very easy,:iagree: with Linux everything is possible, all you need to do is Boot from you Linux Floppy and restore LILO or Grub your Linux bootloader, :wink:


thnx for the info, now all I have to do is wait for the damn thing to finish d/l-ing.