Need a guide for Nero 6 burning rom



Could anyone direct me to a guide for Nero 6 burning rom? I have three avi tv episodes that I have successfully rencoded using Nero Vision Express 3 and now I have a video_ts folder. I want to make sure I have the right settings and so on so I won’t end up with another wasted disk.


Use a DVD+/-RW rather than a +/-R.

Secondly -> Start nero,
Select DVD from the drop box.
Select DVD Video ->OK
Drag your Video_ts folder into the root directory of your DVD compilation [B]OR[/B] open up the video_ts folder you have on your HD, then select all the files & drag&drop them into the nero disc “Video_ts” folder.

Burn :slight_smile:




The guides are available for download from Nero’s website downloads section. If you click on help in any of the Nero Programs it should give you a link to download the manuals.

Easiest way to burn video to dvd for me is to use Nero Express, choose dvd video files, then highlight and add everything in the VIDEO_TS folder. Nero Express will create the necessary folders for the dvd structure.


Worked great thanks! I was making it more complicated than it actually was.