Need a good scanning program

Hi guys,

I have to scan loads of photos from an old family photo album.

The problem is I use the HP Precisionscsn LT which came with my HP scanner.

The problem is with this piece of software is I have to keep manually setting the compression values for my jpegs after every photo and also name them.

I was wondering if there was a program that would automatically name your photos filenames and that can also set the compression once and would use that value for every photo.

Does such a program exist?

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Take a look at VueScan. It is an excellent 3rd party scanning program and can totally automate the scanning process.

Thanks Callahan I shall look at the site, hopefully this will suite me down to the ground. :slight_smile:


Thanks Taxman I shall try Thumbs plus also. :slight_smile:


I tried to use VueScan but unfortunately it doesnt support my HP 4200C scanner which is a real shame.:frowning: Thanks anyway for your help.


Thank you so very much for pointing me to ThumbsPlus it worked likea charm and made scanning of 150 photos a hellava lot easier.

The Multipal scan option is awesome simply select your directory and it names them all for you thanks again for the info im over the moon with this software its great. :smiley: