Need a Good MP3 ID3 Tag Editor

I have tons of MP3s and their tags are not labelled well, even though their filenames are good. Since I use a MP3 player which displays the ID3 Tag name on the LED, I need a program that can edit the tag quickly and easily. For example, it should be able to derive and make the Tag from the filename and etc. Also, let it be an overall simple program to use.

Thnx in advance

im not sure if its exactly what you are looking for, but i like mp3 tag tools myself. its a sourceforge project, i thinks. you may be able to manipulate it to do what you want, but i cannot think of any program that goes straight from filenames to proper tags. most go the other way.

I was trying out some freeware programs from cnet, and this once called TagScanner converted ALL my MP3s from tag to filename. So now a bunch of files it says like “no artist - no title.mp3” Its gonna take days to get them back, especially since I got a lot of K-pop with foreign wierd fonts.

So it turns out I don’t need those batch editors, I need something that lets me edit it individually. I used to use one, it looks a lot like explorer, left side is where you select folder, upper right file, and lower right edit Tag, using hotkeys to derive from filename or viceversa. If anyone know a program like that, please tell me, thnx all.

I believe Tag&Rename should do whatever you want to do.

Winamp will do the job!
very simple to use, I might add.

Yea winamp is great and simple, but its not like made for this stuff. You gotta select, type changes den press save, and you can’t rename the filename. Aww, what was that programs name!? I remember TagEdit and that its a freeware, but when I downloaded MP3 TagEdit, it looks nothing and is nothing like what I remembered.

Any other suggestions? Any is fine, I’ll try em all, but plz dont give me one that is so buggy dat I can’t uninstall em.

i just installed / tried tag and rename, as was suggested by nemesys. the only bad thing about the software was that it had to have the songs in the right order when querying freedb, but i understand the need for that. otherwise, it seems to do exactly what you wish - as i told it to write tags from my filenames, and it did so pretty well. but that was what you wished beforehand :wink:

mp3 tag tools is still what i’d recommend for your current needs. its a very easy to use tagging editor, and you can write excellent filenames directly from your tags. give it a try, at least - as it’ll take you 2 seconds to decide if you like it.

when querying freedb

Wait a sec, these tag and renaming editor programs can do that? Get the artist, title, n album name from the internet? I never heard of that, that would save me a lot of time with my messed up collection. So Tag & Rename can do that? Can any other programs?

Thnx, if this works I won’t be spending hrs sorting out my archive.

Dr Tag is a good program for easy renaming.

I don’t think you can name your files by using freedb.That’s only used for getting info about your audio CD’s.

if you have your tracks in the correct order, it can query free db. worked for my cake tags. but im not sure what it does with untagged, no idea type of music - as, well, i made good tags in the first place :P.

i’m with Nemesys tag&rename is the nuts, look no further then this piece of kit.

Alright, this Tag&Rename is the program I used to use, and now it looks better than ever!

Thanks everyone for your help.


just FYI:

-> MPTagger

Hey, thanks XtC4UaLL, I think this MPTagger was actually what I used to use, I recognize the thunder symbol. This and Tag&Rename are mad nice programs.

Thanks a lot

Tag & Rename 3.2
Fast, and very easy to use…but not free.

^ Erm, ta for your contribution but why have you revived a 4 year old thread? :confused:

Hi dfourthhourseman,

I might as well add this -Mp3tag

I have used this one for a long time - freeware.

Will query online database. I think is a piece of cake to use!

cheers, katzz:)

Yes Mp3tag is good but You should try AudioGrail Finds just about anything with more accurate results should give it a try. :slight_smile:

Hi Phil
Was searching the forum for a useful post cos I´ve got a zillion files in a mess…checked out the popular = recommended Tag&Rename. And it´s good (but actually kinda expensive).
Decided to post it cos such things seem not to have been mentioned for a LOOONG time (or did I miss something obvious?)
Anyway…maybe we´ll get someone to post something better and cheaper…

You should try AudioGrail :