Need a good external enclosure?

Ok im getting a wd4000kd internal hard drive and am going to make it external and need a good external enclosure with fans and etc. Now this is my first time putting an internal in an external enclosure and dont know much at all. Can someone please tell me what i shojuld look for in an enclosure. how many fans should it have, what should it be made of, etc.???
Or could anyone that has experience with any of these enclosures tell me which one is a good choice for the wd4000kd and why?

also, if i buy this wd4000kd from newegg (it just comes with the bare drives and no cables). what cables,screws, etc. would i need to buy or wil the external enclosure come with them

well just researched and found out i have to figure in alot of other things if im gnna get an external enclosure.

This is what the connectors for External SATA look like:

Cons: Nevermind the rather flimsy materials and design as I would have overlooked them had the unit actually lived up to it’s description.
The supplied SATA cable and the SATA interface on the unit DO NOT conform to “EXTERNAL” SATA standards. They are simple internal connectors, not suitable for external use.

Well some enclosures are supposidely not for external hot plug use, according to this guy.

Physical Characteristics of an External SATA interface are as follows:
1.The External connector has no “L” shaped key, and the guide features are vertically offset and reduced in size. This prevents the use of unshielded internal cables in external applications.
Dont know about this l shape or what i should look for on this? can someone help?

Could be quieter. If attaching to SATA-150 then included cable is ok. If attaching to e-SATA the included cable is worthless.

What is e-sata?

You can forget about eSATA -if you have no appropriate mobo- right away.

what would be an appropriate mobo? i dont even know what a mobo is?

Should i worry about this L shaped key?

EDIT : oh yea, i forgot to mention ill be using this for hot swap usb

mobo means motherboard

well i went ahead and ordered the KINGWIN TL-35CS nighthawk for the external enclosure. Hope its a good one