Need A Good External Burner

So I bought the ultimate DJ CD Media
Thanks to the CD Freaks Community Advice on my last post…

I have come again for help!

Taiyo Yuden WaterShield CD-R 80 Glossy White Inkjet

My laptop burner is crap. I am getting some jitter on tracks in the middle of the CD I think its just worn out…

Can someone please suggest a really good External CD burner?
I don’t make DVDs

I’m a DJ and need a hot reliable burn.


Even if the model is old I will scour E-Bay in search of the used and still in service.

The Military must have made a External CD Burner, Where can I buy thier old one. LOL

Any suggestions on Manufacturer/Model?

A good piece of equipment is well worth the extra investment and I desperately need to resolve the CDR output portion of my Studio here.

Thanks In Advance!


I would choose for that purpose a Plextor. An original one, not rebadged. If you search the Forum, you will find a list of original and rebadged Plextors.