Need a Good DVD Reader, Need Advice

Hi all, ok i have a benq dw1650 and it pretty reliable as far as burning goes. But for reading well it can’t even read its own dics sometimes.

Heres is what has been my experiances. All i do is burn dvd’s copy dvd’s or burn games (mostly on dvd). I have found media that doesn’t fail me, kyhper media. Never burn a coster with it. I got so Ritek media once and about 80% didn’t burn and the couple that didn’t aren’t readable. Must have been a bad batch or something because i didn’t have aproblem with it before.

I also have burned some dvd-rw’s that with my benq that it can’t read itself. My 10yr acer dvd-rom can read them better then my benq.

So since my benq isn’t treating me well in reading i want to get a drive for reading/ripping and use my benq for burning. I don’t care about speed just want the reader to be able to read bad disc, scratched disc’s etc. well. Which drive should i be looking to get?

Looked around the form and seen that lite-on is supposed 2 have good readers and saw something about gettin a 5s or 6s series. Are these one of the better readers?


I have found media that doesn’t fail me, kyhper media. Never burn a coster with it.

There is a lot to be said in that statement…even if you don’t produce coasters with those discs you aren’t able to rerip them. A higher quality media such as Verbatim may produce just as effective results as the discs you are using, but allow you to rerip them as well.

I have a BenQ DW 1655 and an NEC 3540. I use Verbatim, Maxell (Hitachi) and Taiyo Yuden blanks and have no problems reripping my burns.

As mentioned above you might want to try some BETTER media, like Verbatim which you can pickup at BB or Office Max for pretty cheap on a regular basis. If you order online then TY02 is the one to get. :wink: That said i LOVE my LiteOn 160P (actually have 4 of them). :bigsmile: They read/rip anything. :bow: