Need a good drive to pair with the 3500



Hi all,

I’m sure this question has been asked before but I couldn’t seem to find it… plus mabe some new drives are out.

I have a 3500 as my burner (slave drive) and am looking to replace my master drive (unknown brand DVD-ROM).

If anyone can give me a few ideas on the best drive to pair the 3500 with, either DVD-ROM or DVD-RW (I don’t mind either way) to a max of £50 (I’m a cheap &$&^$£^ lol) I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


It would helpful if you state what you wish to use the drive for.


Just for ripping, installing, playing from etc. Needs to be a good reader. Just run of the mill stuff. With the possibility of doing those scan things the 3500 can’t do (the name of the scans escapes me at the moment… PIE/PIF?)


Right now, with stock firmware, the Benq burner has the best combination of ripping speed and also the ability to scan. Personally, I prefer the LiteOn drives for scanning, but they currently have rip-speed locks on them. (hopefully that will be fixed soon). Do not get a DVD-ROM for scanning.


Thanks, what Benq model would you recommend?

And does it provide good all round quality I prefer quality over speed to be honest.

If it’s any help, I’m using Liggy’s 2.18 firmware for the 3500.


Just need the best for my money really… taking all suggestions… anyone out there? lol


try either a benq 1650 or liteon 165p6s or if you want a nec try a 4550 all around the £30 to £35 mark :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


The liteon looks quite good. I did see a Benq 1655… is it any good?


BenQ 1640 best pairs with NEC 3500 they are complementary as one for burning another for ripping and scanning.


a BenQ would be very good with your 3500. I don’t think you can find the 1640 in the US anymore. The 1655 has lightscribe but is still only $49.99 at w/ free 3 day shipping. Don’t get an LG, they must be on their own IDE cable alone or you can’t update its firmware and the 3500 will work very, very slowly with it.


If you pick up a BenQ 16/40/50/55 you really won’t need the 3500 anymore.


Hi :slight_smile:
As your in the UK you can get two of the BenQs’. Both the 1650 & 1655 are available.


Thanks guys.

Can’t seem to find the 1640 anywhere (I’m in the UK). Think I’ll go with the 1655 and maybe even pick up the 1650 as a spare if I have enough change lol.


1655 or the 110!
1655 my first choice!


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I would have gotten a NEC :slight_smile: Maybe the 4571… But BenQ is superb drive too! :slight_smile:


The firmware is too immature in the 4570 / 4571, they are still on the first release. This drive does not write +R disks well at this time. But don’t take my word for it, see the big thread here in this sub-forum.

At this time, the Benq 1655 is the drive to beat. In the future, maybe the Nec or the Liteon, but not at this point.