Need a forum for latest movie reviews

It might be nice if we had a forum here for rating the latest movies.

I have only been to two movies in the last year 2guns and Lee Daniels’ The Butler last night. 2 guns was ok If you like that type of movie but Lee Daniels’ The Butler was not that great. It was a movie trying to show a mans life and tried to cover to much for a 132 min. movie. I expected more of the time with the different presidents but they had so little time, that they did a poor job of it. Some say it is a movie like Forrest Gump but Forrest Gump was 155 min and Lee Daniels the butler could have used this time. Forest Gump was about Forrest while Lee Daniels the butler tried to tell not only the life of Lee Daniels but his sons in the civil right movement just not enough time to cover all this movie jumps around way to much.

We had a thread (by Quema34 I think if you search), but I don’t think we got enough reviews to warrant a whole forum. :frowning:

Mind you, DoMi might think otherwise if enough folk want it, so worth a punt maybe?