Need a flasher tool for LG .bin FW



I have been trying to update an GMA 4020B v105.
I have the .bin of the RPC1v109. I tried to follow the instructions on how to flash in DOS and I keep getting errors (simply make a boot floppy/ DOS, add the files, run the command)

either way, im ready to toss the drive in to the street!!

Is there a universal flash utility i can use since i already have the bin file i want to use??



The flasher from TDB ( should work. Simply follow the instructions.



that is where i got the bin.
There was no flasher in the download. Only instructions on a DOS flash that for some reason I cannot seem to complete :confused::confused:

thanks for replying


thanks found the problem. Bad floppy disk. Made a DOS boot floppy with a different disk/ added the exe and bin. it worked like a charm.

thanks again