Need a DVD that works

Hi all.

Im having a small problem.

I have Lenovo T-61 and I dont get my DVD player to work. I have been on the supporter side for Lenovo and downloaded sound and DVD for my pc.

I register my S/N and type and nothing works:confused:

Any suggestions would be well accepted and I really need some help if someone out there would be so kind to help me with a DVD player that works without a problem.

Sinceraly, Julius


Maybe I put this in a wrong forum?

What DVD player program are you using? Is the disc origional or a burned DVD? Does the disc play on another player?

Hi CCRomeo.

I downloaded the dvd program on (well since I´m living in Norway.
I´ve also tried Media player but that dosnt work either.
There I got sound but no film.

I only used bought DVD´s.

Try AVS media player or VLC media player or KM player.

also try useing AC3 Filter

Will try that tonight.

Thank you for you´re help. Hope it works. :slight_smile:

VLC worked very well. Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: