Need a DVD Player: 110-240v, NTSC/PAL, Upconverting

I need your help in finding an upconverting DVD Player in the US that is:

  1. 110-240v
  2. Supports both NTSC/PAL
  3. Upconverts to 1080i/720p

I found one: Philips 5900. But the reviews on it were not very flattering.

Please let me know if you know any useful models.


Not sure if this is NTSC and, or, PAL, But Amazon does have others here to choose from:

Erm… did you not see Seán’s review of the NeoDigits HVD 2085 player (linked to in this sub-forum sticky)?

Thanks for both your responses.

You are right. I did not read the neodigits review before posting. It does seem to be a good player to get. OPPO would also work for my purposes.

However, I wanted a player that I could buy locally from a store. It is less troublesome to return it in case of a problem.