Need a dvd burner

I’m in need of a cheap DVD burner for my Father.

DVD+R and 4x is fine.


how cheap? i got piodata dvr 108dx from and i only used once…i can sell it back to you…nothing wrong with it.

FYI piodata dvr 108dx is pioneer 108d

private me

Eagleclaw, NewEgg has the Nu Technology (or at least they did yesterday, might still be on sale…) DDW-163 which is the BenQ DW1620A oem for $55.99 with $4 shipping and handling. Really hard to beat that drives price and get that awesome of a DVD Burner to go with it. :wink:

He wants something in the $30 range, I know it might be hard to find


That’s not gonna happen unless you buy used or refurb. Niether of which are recommended since you don’t know what the drive has been through or how long it is going to last (not to mention no warranty).