Need a drive - suggestions?

Yes, I’m sure this has been posted again and again, and here I go again!

I’m building a new PC - the uber system:

Chieftec Matrix case
Enermax 430W Whisper supply
4x Vantec silent fans
P4 3.06 Ghz chip
Asus P4PE board (tom’s hardware board of 2002)
512 Pc 2700 DDR333
GeForce Ti 4600 128 Mb
WD 7200 40Gb, 8 Meg cache
Win XP

Ok, so I’ve got the last of the parts coming in from all over (everything by tomorrow!) since I shopped via pricewatch, and the only thing lacking is the burner.

It’s not from lack of trying, but Lite-On 52x burners, or any Lite-On drive for that matter, seem to be rarer than diamonds. I’ve ordered a 52x 5 times now, and every company’s emailed saying they’re out of stock!

So the question is… for the price, is there another drive that even comes close to Lite-On? Hell, I’d get a Plextor, but 130 bucks is just nuts!

The CD Freaks reviews seem to focus on Plextor, Lite-On, and Mitsumi, so I’m inclined to think you guys really like those brands. I’m inclined to not like Mitsumis since mine can’t coy squat.

So let 'er rip. Thanks!

Seeing how you got tons of cash to unload, why not get a DVD writer instead? Pioneer DVR-A05 or Sony DRU-500A/AX are both excellent choices. I mean what’s $200-$300 to you when you’ve already spent $600 on the P4.

Have you tried or They always have Lite-On in stock, not to mention cheap too… Just checked, has Lite-On LTR-52246S Retail in stock for $56 shipped.

take an Asus CRW5224A

it does every (data) protection and some audio protections

dont like writer combo’s
an optical device cant be good at two things at the same time, so the dvd writing part is good but then the cd writing part must compromise that and if the cd writing part is good the dvd writing part has to comprimise that.

u can get a sony or memorex 52x as well, both of which are lite-ons. there are a few other brands for rebadged lite-ons, such as cendyne, but they’re not guaranteed to be lite-ons.

Well, I wouldn’t say I have bags of cash to unload - I just collected on a freelance contract and managed to convince the wife that the purchase was good for the business :cool:

A tip - if you’re trying to convince the significant other to “ok” a big purchase, show 'em what it’d cost for the turnkey model online.

After Pricewatching myself cross-eyed, I pulled the whole thing together for just over $1200. Granted, it’s taken a week for all the parts to come in from 6 different vendors, but hey, it’s paid for! Compared to what the same thing would cost from Alienware (always show the good stuff :wink: ), and she was more than happy to let me build it!

I almost considered a Plextor combo after the review, but I just don’t do much DVD. I know it stores more, but I’m still a big Lite-On fan. Anyway, it’s ordered from NewEgg, so I’ll be building it soemtime Monday… yeeeehaw!

Nice. Sweet system man, especially the Lite-On.:bigsmile:

Yup, I’m excited about putting it together. All the parts are in my office right now… just waiting…