Need a couple bwa plse



anyone got for diablo2 and freelancer ??


btw, why bwa and not ccd or mds??


Not required for diablo 2 (and probably not for freelancer either).


Freelancer uses SafeDisc 2.7



Then you certainly don’t need a bwa file for that one either. :slight_smile:


for diable ii just use blindwrite 5 on auto mode. for freelancer use alcohol 120% on safedisc 2/3 mode. you will need to enable a atip (ignore media type, hide cdr media etc.) if you wish to start the game in burner drive.

ben :slight_smile:


well i just need the bwa so i can delete the image from the HDD and not have to have the backup in the drive, and not having to waste hdd space with the full image. :smiley:

does anyone have them???


It appears that what you are asking for are not bwa files (which are useless for the two games mentioned) but rather for mini-images as to which see here.

If you want to play the games without a disc in the drive, try Game Jackal.