Need a code free dvd player for under $70?

I have many dvds from all around the world and I need a good quality player that will play them with no problem for under $70?

Is there one out there?

Also, is this true, I heard that any cheap dvd players can play any dvd because the manufacturers don’t install the chip since the player is so cheap.

Welcome to CDF’s:

I’m in USA and use a RCA DRC285. I paid $50 usd for it at Kmart. There are others.

There is a Philips DVP 5140 ($40), play PAL and NTSC on TV of your choice.
Can be set for region free.

To your other question.
Any DVD player bought in store need to be set for region it is sold in, even a cheep one.

I have purchased several Pioneer DV-400V players for myself and friends. The firmware is easily upgradeable and it plays all regions and all formats. It up scales to 1080p and has HDMI and USB and digital audio connections. It also has DTS audio. There are lots of them on ebay for under $60.