Need a cheap DVD player that plays SVCD's

I am looking for Standalone DVD player that can play SVCD’s and of course burned DVD’s.

I have already been to many times but most of the units that are rated good I can’t find or are a bit high priced.

What are you guys using that works and is priced $60 or less.


I enjoy moving threads and eating beans simultaneously. Since you write $ I guess you are a yank and then I’d recommend a Cyberhome or Apex, cheap and good and avalible just about everywhere (I am told).

Take a look sometimes at the "Most Popular on the WEB (lowest price). Just under the banner. Usually there is a Philips DVD Player for 59 bucks. Value for money.

if you’re going by the prices listed on videohelp, they’re not always accurate. you should probably see what types of players are available for you to buy (maybe on the store’s website) and then look for them on videohelp. as Airhead mentioned, Apex makes good and cheap players, but finding the cheaper ones in stores might be a challenge.

In addition I understand that only certain Apex models will support SVCD so make sure you look into that before buying.

I went out and got the Philips 624

Plays all my CD’s and DVD’s. Haven’t tried AVI’s yet but so far its a nice unit

I am assuming you ment Philips 642. I just picked one up today. I got it hooked up but I haven’t had a chance to watch a movie yet.

I just got that for $35. It’s great. Look at everything it plays! I’ve put four different brands of media in it—they all work fantastically.

Memorex 4x DVD+RW’s.
Imation CD-R/RW’s
Ritek G04 DVD-R’s

Not much to lose for $35, I thought. It’s a superb player for the money.

Ignore me im on the market for a standalone DVD player so im just
giving this one a free bump in the hope of finding something useful.