Need a cheap DVD player that plays all copies

I’m looking for a somewhat cheap DVD player that will play most all burnt DVD’s. Is there one that stands out for under $100?

In that price range you can get a nice player. Most new players are very good at playing burns.

Are you refering to just playing standard format dvd’s or are you talking about playing media files burned to a dvd too? If you just want standard dvd movie playback, most nowdays do fine. The cheapo apex ones are known for being good at playing burned media. I have a koss (about 45$ on sale at sears) that plays standard format dvd’s just fine (it’s not the little square compact one, it’s the regular size progressive scan one). IF you want media files too, about the only one I know of is a phillips for about 60$. It certainly wont play every format but it does ok with some of the more common file formats. I saw a new divx one advertised for 60$ last week too (hitachi maybe?) though I know little about it.

I, and many others, have this player and it’s great. Plus you can make it region free with just a code and it converts PAL to NTSC properly.

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Both my Panasonic and JVC progressive scan players play anything I can throw at them - and with a great picture-eh!


I second that. Great picture, highly configurable playback options and well laid out remotes. The Philips are cheap and cheasy with useless remotes and 2nd rate picture quality.

Cyberhome isn’t bad at all too.

He said he wanted cheap, so the Philips is nice for the $50-55 you pay for it. I didn’t know people still used stock remotes.

The philips I have is the same one Zombie_Geek linked to. If you want a player that will do divx, mpeg4 etc., it is about your best bet for a cheap one (I think that is why so many people have gotten it). Its kind of got a bad reputation for breaking down or prematurly failing (check the reviews on video help) so I got the extended warranty. IF you just want to play recorded dvd’s that are in standard dvd video format, there are defanatlly beter players for the money. I got the philips one pretty recently, and it was the best bet at the time without paying substantially more for a divx player, but there may be some more option now. I think this one has just recently became avalable (I didn’t see it when I got mine or I might have bought it instead)
It looks like it may be the same as the 60$ one but it has hd output/video upconverting.
There is also another divx player avalable now for 60$. Its a hitachi or toshiba or something like that. It was advertized a week or two ago at one of the major US stores as “new” but I cannot seem to find it.

I bought an el cheapo for $29 and it will play a peanut butter Sandwich!
Go cheapo and look for componant and digital audio outs plus progressive scan! My $29 does all those with ease!

WEll I don’t know what Philips you have but mine works perfectly with copies, originals, and NTSC and I am in a PAL area.

Aristona DV434. Can be made region free, plays Divx, Mp4, Mp3, WMA, DVD±R/RW, vcd, svcd from both PAL and NTSC towards both PAL and NTSC. €40,-

bought the same phillips abouty six months ago for my kids room…have no complaints works great. Best thing about it was the price for a decent divx player.

I am guessing that most of the people that are recomending the philips are in the US. It is about the only thing that you can get here for about 60$. There is a compusa branded one but it is even worse quality. There may be a new one avalable now (the one I saw on sale the other week) but for quite a while the philips has been the only common cheap one here.

Thanks for all the replys. It sounds like Philips is the way to go.