Need a CD/DVD Label

I am not a graphic artist (hehe it’s painfully obvious) and I really need some

Is anyone with the skills willing to make a full face CD/DVD disc label featuring CDfreaks on it?

I need something very detailed and flashy for my next project and would love to have CDfreaks on the label

Can anyone make a few up for me??


In any particular format; i. e. Surething, NeroCover, Canon CDLabel,

I might be able to help. What do you have in mind? Can you give some more details?

Maybe you should have a contest with an appropriate reward. :flower:

A simple JPG or BMP could easily be created with the right dimensions for use as a disc background in any printing program. Roughly 675x675 pix, or 4.5".

It would also be helpful if you can provide higher res images of the CDF logos.

CDAN may a cash prize huh? Make it interesting. :wink:

[QUOTE=THE C.;1938098]CDAN may a cash prize huh? Make it interesting. ;-)[/QUOTE]

Or hardware left over from a review. :cool:

Quick and dirty:

(would help to have a high-res logo image)

I will have to see if I can get some higher res logos

thanks everyone