Need a burner less "picky" than my LG

Howdy all,

I own an LG-GSA 4160B which I’m quite satisfied of, when it works :rolleyes:
I mean, if it accepts the media and the burning speed, then the burns are quite fast and apparently very good. Apparently, because I cannot scan them for PI/PO errors with the LG :doh:

I had to use only Verbatim +R MCC003 to make it burn flawlessly, any other media gave me problems in the past, but lately this media has disappeared so I’m back to start, hunting the best media for the LG. I’m using MCC004 now, after a bad experience with CMC MAG01 media, Verbatim labeled (can’t burn them at their rated speed), but I just don’t understand why it has to be so picky while all all the people I know don’t have such problems.

So, at the end of the day, maybe it’s time to buy a second burner as companion, and to do what the LG is not doing:

[li]Be less “picky” on media types
[/li][li]Allow PI/PO quality scan tests
[/li][li]Burn @ 16x (like the LG) and @ 6x for +/-RW
[/li][li]I don’t care about DL and bitsetting stuff
[/li][li]I don’t care about copy protection and such things, since I don’t use it

I have those drives in my local shop, all for about the same price:

[li]Samsung SH-W162
[/li][li]NEC ND4550
[/li][li]Pioneer DVR-110D
[/li][li]NEC ND3550

Or, for a 40% higher price:

[li]Plextor PX-740A
[/li][li]Sony DRU810A

Please advice, any suggestion is welcome, thanks :iagree:

Can you advise about the burners listed above?

Which is the best one for the 3 priorities that I have (media compatibility, PI/PO scans and burning speed)?

I would go for the Plextor 740 and flash it to Benq BSLB.
Benq is great for ripping, scanning and writing :bow:

I would agree. Get the PX740 and flash it to a BenQ 1640. This is a great drive for known & unknown media. Burns everything I throw at it when enabling solidburn. It will also overpseed all media as fast as they can go, not all upto 16x but the good ones will reach it.

I would try and find a supplier of the BenQ1640 first though as it should be cheaper than the Plextor 740 but its getting hard to find them.

3550 and 1640=get the cheapest one!


Get a BenQ 1640-


Make sure your firmware is up to date on the 4160B and maybe it won’t be as picky as you think it is. LG is usually pretty good, although I find it doesn’t like cheap media as much as some others. This is becoming less of the problem as they have started to use WOPC-type technologies. LG has finally released the latest A306 version directly on their website, although it has been available through other channels for many months.

Very good tip!

Thanks for all your advices, I think I’ll try to find a BENQ 1640 and, if I can’t find it, I’ll go for a NEC or a Plextor.

Regarding the LG, I’m running the A306 firmware since the very first day it came out on this forum, and I’m only using Verbatim branded media, still it’s a picky unit (the latest “pearl white” CMCMAGE01 media from Verbatim, certified as 8x, will only burn at 4x otherwise they just produce coasters, and even at 4x 1 out of 4 is a coaster, too).


You may want to use the FW that matches your media!

That’s not being “picky” but just a faulty unit or very problematic media. I can understand why you want to get a second DVD burner. I think one of the latest drive models from either BenQ or NEC in your situation should do.

I myself is a Pioneer fan, the 110 won’t let you down. But after I saw the review of the new LG4167B on this site, I had to have one … and wow … this baby rocks - even with crappy media, so I would go with the Pioneer, but if you have the possibility to check out the new LG … then do it.

Hi Kenshin, if you remember I posted here a year ago about the troubles with my previous LG burner (a GSA-4082 I think) that ended up in continuous “focus or tracking error”, until I had to return the unit to the LG service that replaced it as faulty, giving me the 4160 in return.

It could be, at that time, because I was using “cheap” media from Ritek… who knows?

But, from the very first burn, the new LG4160 saw only Verbatim MCC003’s and had no problem for one full year, but as soon as MCC003 disappeared and I tried a different media (even supposedly “good” ones like the Verbatim CMC MAG E01) it went crap, back to focus or tracking error.

I cannot believe that it’s only me that has faulty units or finds problematic media (Verbatim branded!), to the point that the burner refuses to burn it.

So, although I’m pretty satisfied with the LG unit, performance-wise and quality-wise, WHEN IT WORKS… I’ll buy another brand as second unit :rolleyes:

Maybe you should have moved to MCC004 instead of CMC MAG E01 from MCC003. :slight_smile: (Not that CMC MAG E01 is what I call “very problematic media.”

Just as update: I finally installed the Benq DW 1640 as second unit and now both MCC004 and CMCMAGE01 media burn with very good results :slight_smile:

Just a strange fact, the MCC003 that I had left from an “old” batch, are all burning with High PI values, both on the LG and on the BENQ… maybe a bad batch… :rolleyes: