Need a blanking tool for DVD/RW discs

Neither my drive nor the software appear to be doing a good job in blanking DVD/RW
Is there a good blanking tool available please?
Thank you

What is the burning software you use? Most (all?) DVD Recording suites I know offer such functionality.

Or are you perhaps looking for any special abilities in a program?

Yes I know but looks like there is a porblem with my particular burner or burning software it does not reset the booktype of the DVD/RW therefore the media is not recognised by the drive

Sorry, I may be missing on the notation, but do you mean DVD-RW or DVD+RW?

yes that’s right

What is right?
Are you using DVD-RW discs, or are you using DVD+RW discs?

DVDInfoPro seems to be more successful at erasing media (especially ones that other programs seem to have problems with).

Sometime I have problems when make a quick erase. Try to do FULL erase instead.

I am asking, because you may not be able to erase a DVD+RW at all. You can overwrite it though, using functionality as available in the program of choice - like Start Multisession in Nero, or whatever means “do not import last session” in the program you are using.

I’ve always just been able to overwrite the +RW discs like kikibug says. The -RW discs I usually do a quick erase which takes about a minute or 2.

When you say they’re “not doing a good job” do you mean that you can’t write onto them afterwards? Or can you still read the data that was on the discs? Or do they just look like they’ve been burned onto?