Need a 1.5 v AAA (and 3v dual AA) battery eliminator



From time to time I could really use a battery eliminator.

It’s not a term that’s solidified into this precise definition, but it’s often referred to a combination AC->DC adapter connected to something that looks like a battery that then is plugged into the battery slot of a device.

I’ve found some expensive ones, mostly of the wrong voltage, but two questions:

  1. Is there a good place to get such things inexpensively? What is your favorite all-kinds-of-electronics store?

  2. I’ve seen some suggestions on building one of your own. Usually involving a wooden dowel, a couple of nails, and a wire connection to each to a socket for an AC->DC adapter.

Any thoughts? Have you guys bought/made something like this before?



Let me guess, electric shaver :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, no. LOL. My dad’s MP3 player. Plus other projects of mine that surface from time to time.


My suggestion would be to get some low-discharge NiMH AAA batteries. Probably a lot cheaper getting the batteries + a decent charger than the battery eliminator. Unless you need the devices to stay on for days at a time…
Here is a link:


I’ve bought AA rechargeables before that has solder tabs on them to make my own battery pack replacements.

MP3 player only uses a little juice so even a weak transformer will work. An old phone charger should do the trick, its just a matter of getting the voltage down to a workable range for the device to work without burning anything out. An electric shaver uses more juice so a cheap transformer will not suffice.