Need 4-Bay Firewire-800 5.25" enclosure - seen one?

I want to put both my hard drives AND my optical drive(s) into a 4-bay Firewire-800 enclosure. The various websites that sell such things don’t make it clear whether what they are calling ‘5.25"’ enclosures really can fit optical drives in them.

Does anyone out there own anything like this?

  • Tim

last i read firewire 800 is not compatible with optical drives…

Where’d you read that, may I ask?

  • Tim

I have found one place that sells such an enclosure:

I have not ever purchased from this store, so I can not comment on service. I have remember reading a few posts that discussed issues with firewire 800 and optical drives. The problem may have had more to do with the motherboard/pci card firewire chip not playing nice with the enclosure/chipset.

So buy and try at your own risk.

Good luck!

Well, I just ordered one of their enclosures, the 4-bay, 2-board (master/slave x2 one) with removeable (though not hot-swappable) drives. It looked like the best compromise for what I want (I want to be able to remove/replace/add drives – I use both optical and hard drives via firewire), without the added expense of the 4-bay all-master enclosure with fully hot-swappable bays (since I don’t really need to swap drives all the time).

Hopefully, this thing’ll work.

One thing I was surprised at, though, was that there aren’t any enclosures that use a single port for all drives inside. I guess that’s to make sure that speed isn’t limited by the interface, and I can always route everything through a hub, I suppose.

Thanks for your advice, anyway. It seems like there’s very little choice out there in this realm, except for 2 or 3 companies that build everything themselves.

  • Tim