Need 300 CD-R's for cheap

I need to get 300 decent quality CD-Rs. Right now my cheapest option is 3x100 pack Ritek CD-Rs from

Does anyone know of a cheaper deal?


(I’m in the USA btw)

I buy mine from also - found some cheaper on ebay but not sure about the seller…

Hi,[quote=quadomatic;2216127]I need to get 300 decent quality CD-Rs. (…)

(I’m in the USA btw)[/quote]you may check


I’m currently watching for deals and there don’t seem to be any. My price point is $10 per 100 CMC manufactured disks. (IE Phillips, TDK, Verbatim ect) When I find them I usualy buy between 600 and 1,000. I’ll post if I find anything.


Depending on how much shipping is for you. You might get these cheaper due to free shipping:

Also, there is a mail-in-rebate for $6 but you can only use it on one of the spindles.