Nee to know how to change virtual image volume label, please!

Hi guys:

I’m kind of new here, been reading around and didn’t find an answer. This seems to be impossible, hope you can help me:

I have some “game” image in .CCD format, so there are 3 files: .CCD, .SUB and .IMG… When I mount this image there is a “NEW” label displayed in the My PC sutff… I want this “NEW” thing to be changed to “OSCAR”. I’ve already tried every option. I did use Magic and UltraIso, changed the label righclicking the label current name correctly but there is stil one thing: SECURITY. When I change the label and save, the image becomes “PIRATE”.

Please, it is so annoying to se this “NEW”, “DOSK1ONE” stuff (yes, I wrote correctly dosk1one) I need to know how to change this labels without affecting ANY DATA INSIDE, just the label… I KNOW YOU CAN HELP ME!!!

Bets regards,

Make a fresh image of your original cd/dvd and then you will have the correct volume label.

The original disc shows “DOKS1ONE” in the label. I wanna change this for the title of the game making an image.

As I said in my previous post. Make a fresh image of your original disc. The new image [B]will[/B] have the correct volume label.

I think you are not getting me right. The physical disk is inserted in the tray… Now it shows the famous “DOSK1ONE” label. Making an image from it will show the same thing, even using some clone tools, there is no way apparently to change the label without affeting SECUROM or whatever is inside this volume.

^ No, you are not getting me right. You need to make a fresh image from your licensed original disc (which will have the correct volume label) not from a bad physical copy.

changing the volume name on a protected disk is a bad idea anyway…
considering most of the protections CHECKSUM that area, one change = its bad = game over…

it changing to ‘pirate’ however is a bit strange, perhaps the tool you’re using to change the volume name in the image isn’t something you’ve registered or bought?

but to recap, changing the volume name is pointless…