Ned Kelly Problems PLEASE HELP!

Has anyone been able to burn this movie yet??? I wrote SlySoft today and told them about it but haven’t received a reply…It keeps saying cyclic redundancy check…the disk is brand new. AnyDvd Doesn’t detect any bad sectors but I know it has some on there. I tried running dvd decrypter and it only gets to like 46 percent and then retries like 13 times. I skipped errors and it finished without about 3 minutes of the movie…those three minutes were missing…nobody on the net seems to be able to burn it…it has gained the Title, “The Unburnable DVD.” Oh by the way I was able to successfully burn madagascar using anydvd and clonedvd2…so if anyone has any clue I would love to hear a response - Jusdafide

The Ned Kelly disc might be defective, just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s not a bad disc. As far as an Unburnable DVD, AnyDVD/CloneDVD can most likely handle any legitimate commercial DVD.

@ Jusdafide,

You state that you wrote SlySoft concerning you problems with ‘Ned Kelly’.

Perchance did you provide SlySoft with the necessary .IFO files so that they can analyze them and determine exactly what the problem is with the ‘Ned Kelly’ title?

The below Forum posting provides detailed information on how and what to send SlySoft so they can do a detailed analysis and determine exactly what is happening with ‘Ned Kelly’.

Until you provide SlySoft with the necessary information as detailed in the above referenced posting SlySoft will be unable to assist you. As soon as SlySoft receives the necessary information they will quickly review the data and determine what action needs to be taken. Usually this happens with in hours after receives the necessary data.

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I wrote them and told them exactly what vob file it was at what percent dvd decrypter stopped, what programs i had and was using, what drive i was using, what media disks i was using, and i also informed them that on many other forums online i found people, make that many people who have tried to decrypt this disk, or clone it or use anydvd on it and who had it stop at the exact same percent in dvd decrypter and exact same thread that mine did…also im pretty sure that if their dvd stopped at the same place mine did then i probably dont have a bad copy…unless the universal released many bad copies…the movie plays fine and decrypted fine after i skipped the one error on the disk. the bad sector that anydvd failed to find…dont get me wrong i love dvd decrypter and anydvd. i have burned hundreds of movies while using it. i just want someone to acknowledge that there is a bad sector or for somebody to say,“yeah i got it to burn.” so far no one has and no one can. - thank you for your replies. - Jusdafide

please read the link that bjkg provided above. just telling slysoft all that doesn’t help them figure something out. you have to zip up the ifo’s and send them so they have something to work with. follow the detailed instructions in that post if you think you’ve come across something that anydvd won’t handle and give them a day or two to figure it out once you’ve provided them with the necessary files.

also, just to double check…anydvd is the most current version. make sure that’s what you have (the update was recently released which is why i ask)

as people have said, cyclic redundancy errors are mostly indicative of a problem with teh disc be it scratches, manufacturing defects or whatever. if you’ve tried it in multiple drives andknow others whose discs stop in the same place though then it’s probably wise to send slysoft all the required info.

@ Jusdafide,

Please re-read my posting #3 in this thread.

Until you take the time and effort in providing SlySoft the .IFO files as detailed the reference posting SlySoft will be unable to provide ANY assistance to you.

Providing the required .IFO files is not that difficult to do. Just telling them what .IFO file you think is causing the problem does not provide sufficient information for them to take action. SlySoft physically needs the .IFO files in hand so they can closely analyze each of them and determine exactly what type of copy protection scheme is being used to update the AnyDVD software program. The only way they are going to obtain these .IFO files is to have them sent to them.

I took the time and effort to provide the necessary information for you to help you resolve your problem the least you can do is the send the necessary required information as detailed in the below Forum posting to SlySoft.

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thank you all for your help. I emailed slysoft with the IFO files - Jusdafide

i just tried three times to send the ifo s and it failed every time. they are zipped and its only the small ifo s but i keep getting a failed delivery notice - Jusdafide

@ Jusdafide,

Closely read the referenced posting and note that the E-Mail address provided are mugged to prevent spybots for flooding their E-Mail box. You need to replace the (at) with @ and then you have the correct working valid E-Mail address.

Send the zipped .IFO files to both SlySoft and Elaborate Bytes. The correct E-Mail address is as follows.

SlySoft -> support(at) (replace (at) with @)

Elaborate Bytes -> bugs(at) (replace (at) with @)

The above are correct working valid E-Mail address. Just replace the (at) with @. If you still continue to have problems sending the E-Mails to the above address you possibly have restrictive browser settings that prevent sending E-Mail attachments.

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i sent them to bugs at already and it was a success…then…i sent them to support at…see here’s the funny part…i replied to slysoft’s first letter which asked me for my dvd’s burner’s model and what disks i was using…etc…etc… so when i pushed reply and explained to them that i had already resonded to the letter i was replying too…i explained that i was just adding the ifo in a zipped file for them to anyalyze and see if there was something in there they haven’t yet seen…i copied my message…just in case you know? and sent it…as soon as i went back to mail…delivery notice failure…i have been on computer for like 10 years…im only a newbie on this forum and this is the first dvd that has ever given me problems…my point being im not stupid…so since i emailed them to bugs at…thats you right???maybe you could forward them to slysoft…thanks Jusdafide

Thank you, I have received the IFO files. You did not provide much information with the ifo files (none, to be precise). In which file does the read error occur? What is the display of AnyDVD’s information window? What was the CloneDVD error message? From what I can see, your disc is not copy protected, it is defective.
And please, never post working email addresses in public discussion boards. Thank you.