NECstr v1.00 - A Small Toy for You!

Welcome to NECstr v1.00!

Released : 27 MARCH 2006
Author : CVS

Package content : 2 files

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This little command line tool scans a NEC DVD-RW firmware and displays the version numbers of the built-in writing strategies.

It should (hopefuly) work on any NEC DVD-RW firmware starting with NEC ND-2500 and up to the latest ND-4571. It might even work with future firmwares.

It also works on NEC compatible firmwares like MAD-DOG, IODATA, etc.

You can use it on both *.bin files and *.exe files.


This is a command line program. First you need to open a Command Prompt window (under Windows), then to set the path to the directory where NECstr and your NEC firmware is, and then you need to type:

NECstr firmware_file_name.bin
NECstr firmware_file_name.exe

Press the return key, and you’re done :slight_smile:


  • This program won’t alter your firmware in any way whatsoever.

  • If you find any problems with any particular firmware, please post them here and I’ll try to sort it out as soon as I can, including adding support for upcomming NEC firmwares when/if that is the case.

  • I hope some of you might find it useful.

  • I’m very busy at the moment, but I hope to release a GUI Win32 version in a few weeks time.

  • This utility can be downloaded from here:


I can certify that the file posted at this location is spyware/malware/virus free.

Enjoy & may the force be with you :wink:

Thanks CVS :bow: :bow:

[I]Tool can also be downloaded from my site (see signature for link).[/I]

Nice tool, but on slimline drives you have to exchange the empty part with DVD-RAM.
Is there a reason that you didn’t make your link clickable? I don’t see a problem with directly linking to such a program.

Thanks Liggy! I’ve just fixed it.
I haven’t made the link clickable because I didn’t wanted to break any rules … but since I have your OK, I’ll make the new version clickable :slight_smile:



v1.01   - Released 29 MARCH 2006
	- Fixed the DVD-RAM strategy display for laptop drives (thanks to 
	  Liggy for reporting this bug)
	- Now all 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx firmwares should work, without giving
          the "*** ERROR: The input file is not a NEC firmware! ***" message
	- Added support for HP and TDK clones 
	- Stop displaying the "EMPTY" field
	- Improved the strategy detection rutines to work with all existing 
	  firmwares to date; they should be also fairly future proof now :)
	- Tested the program extensively with over 40 firmwares, so hopefully 
          this version should be pretty bug free :)

[B][U]Download NECstr v1.01[/U][/B]


Nice - the versions match liggy and dee’s table, but your date 1 and date 2 seem to be reversed from theirs…

Nice tool, CVS! Congratulations!

We’ve been waiting for this ever since Quikee ceased development of his NecFirm tool.

Does it also recalculate the firmware checksum with a hidden command, like Quikee’s tool does? :wink:

It’s just which one you take as first and which one as second. There’s even a third value in the firmwares, but I think it has always been identical to one of the others.

No hidden things I’m afraid :doh:

It only does “what it says on the tin” :bigsmile: Just a strategy scanner, nothing more …

I have no plan to go as far as Quekee has gone … most of that stuff is well covered by MCSE thanks to ala42 and unfortunately I’m very short of spare time …

I’ll maintain it as necessary since that is an easy task, and I’ll build a GUI for it when I’ve got some spare time, but at least for the time being I don’t plan to add in any novel features … too many things to learn and too little time :frowning:


I tried your tool on the NEC 1300 firmwares I have and all I got was the two dates without the write strategy versions. I used the executables but this should be no problem. Could you have a look at this and maby ad support for the older 1000 and 1100 firmwares too.

Looking forward to your Win32 version :bow:

Kind’a late, but nevertheless warm congratulations [I][B]cvs[/B][/I]. :clap:

Good move and nice to see more people getting deeper knowledge about NEC firmwares… :slight_smile: