NECs bad for DL?

Burned a bunch of DL MKM001 with both my 3500 (2.1B) and 3540 (1.WB). Both do well on the first layer but spike at the layer change and are really poor near the end (~6.2GB). Is this a common flaw of NECs or media problem? Also, how reliable is DVDInfoPro’s PIE/PIF test?

I never had a single problem burning +R-DL discs. MKM discs had excellent scans and even RitekD01 were readable.

Liggy - First, thanks to you and Dee for all the NEC firmwares. I know it’s a lot of work and you two should get way more praise then you do. Thank you, thank you you, thank you!

As for my scans, what do you think is going on to cause such high errors after 6GB? Also, why the difference in PIE/PIF spike location between the 2 quality scan programs (~6.4GB for CD-DVDSpeed vs ~6.9GB for DVDInfoPro)? Is one proggie more accurate than the other?

Forgot to list in my opening post: DVD+DL burned w/3500 @4X. Did a burn with the 3540 @8X but that scan looked the same.

Hi there,

I haven’t been able to test this myself but it seems that NEC fixed a bug with the scanning interval.
To change the scanning interval with Nero CD-DVD Speed the following registry value can be added:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]
“Scanning Interval”=dword:0000008

To compare with other drives following intervals can be used:
8 ECC (to compare with BenQ/Philips/QSI/Pioneer)
1 ECC (to compare with LiteOn/BTC/Plextor)
32 ECC (to compare with AOpen)

The colored backgrounds and quality score are changed accordingly.

You have scanned using 8ECC, maybe changing it to 1ECC the results will be more accurate ?

My 2 cents…

Cougar - Thanks. Here is my result.

Here’s 1 more example before I give up altogether with NEC and DL media.
Burned w/3540 1.WB @4X
Scanned w/3540 1.WB @5x 1ECC

It was turning out to be an excellent burn even at the layer break. But it falls apart at 6GB and ~7.4GB. Any ideas of what’s going on?

Scan of last disc

Maybe we must give up CD/DVD speed.
It gives strange results.

CD Speed does only display what the drive says.

I am not sure this is accurate Liggy.
Every time I scan a disc I have several different results for the same disc.
And if it was what it sees on the disc, then the discs that reports as real useless they shouldn’t play back, but they play fine. Also VSO Inspector finds them very good.
I don’t say this in a negative way, it just an opinnion of a non expert to this field (as you are) but just for giving a push for this good tool to be better.
And I am always waiting for 7173 +R bitsetting from you. ;).

I’m still waiting for an unmodified 7173 (or 7170) firmware. :rolleyes:

Could I extract it by hand? :bigsmile:

Sure - if you are able to unsolder the flash chip and read it with external hardware :iagree:

:disagree: :o :eek:

It was at least worth asking :wink:

I can only help by supporting you at this point. :bow:

This is an answer I took from Optiarc about future firmwares:

To;Mr.George Angeludis
Thank you for the inquiry about our company product.
We e$B#de(Bo not issue Firmware.
Our optical storage product (CD-R /RW drive and the DVD-RW drive) is
being supplied to the personal-computer maker or the peripheral device maker
as a part.
Therefore, We do not issue firmware ourself.
But I will inform our design of your inquiry