unknown format or damaged - but unzips OK

I am confused about why I can not unzip the current but the gui version unzips OK. :confused:

When unzipping (ver 1.36) with Winrar 3.6 I get an error “unknown format or damaged”. The gui version,, unzips OK with Winrar. I DL the windows version again and got the same error.

I am wondering if it really is damaged or if Winrar 3.6 is not compatible with the zip type.

I DL 1.36 from and it unzips OK. I thought this would be the same file, but it seems to be different.

The only clue I see is, under properties, the Host OS is “DOS” for the file that cannot be unzipped and the Host OS is “Windows/DOS” for the files that can be unzipped.

I used the gui version (before I found the other win version @ micheldeboer) to backup and flash and it worked great - very easy - Thanks Liggy.

Does anybody know of a free command line unzip program that does not require installation? I could try that in situations like this.

Anybody have an idea of what the problem is?


I use the free Info-Zip (with option -9) to compress the files for DOS and Windows. They have an unzip program and also a GUI version I think.

Thanks for the info Liggy.
Unfortunately all the download links for the windows version listed on their site do not work. Object not found, page not found, etc.
Do you unzip in Windows, a Windows command line or by booting into DOS?
I am puzzled because this is my first time Winrar has failed to unzip a file.

Thanks for the help.

They always work fine here on my PC and I never had a problem unzipping them with Winzip. Never used Winrar for it though. Could it be your downloads are corrupted?

I am confused about why I can not unzip the current but the gui version unzips OK. :confused: Anybody have an idea of what the problem is?


Right now I’m trying to download and use “” v1.45 the current posted at and the archive will not open in Winzip 12. I have downloaded the file several times.

Does anyone know an alternate location for the win32 GUI binflash app (for a 3550a)? I’ll try to download from another PC next week.


1.45a Win32 GUI opens fine in my Winzip 11

[QUOTE=Liggy;2151948]1.45a Win32 GUI opens fine in my Winzip 11[/QUOTE]

Hi ,


I just downloaded 1.45a win32 GUI from a diff machine today and it opens just fine (winzip 12) - so there must have been some weird issue yesterday with the other PC / connection … (the other machine yesterday could open other zip files downloaded from the site, just not the 1.45 w32 gui of bin-flash for some reason)

got it now though and ready to flash my new Optiarc 7200-S when it arrives later this week :slight_smile:

I guess it was a problem on the servers here. I encountered a similar issue when I tried to download a file from our internal webmail interface. Looking at the downloaded file, I could see a PHP error or warning message before the zipfile data.

Good to hear that it’s working again.