Necessary Case Mod for DW1640

In order to fully utilize BenQ’s new Dual Cooling System, most will need to modify their drive cage. Here’s the before and after of mine…

So you can see the actual drive relative to the system

Here it is inside the case

(Superimposed for reference.) You’ll notice the vents would be completely covered, which would likely lead to premature internal fan failure and thus premature drive failure.

Here is my case after the cut. It’s a bit rough, but I didn’t spend a lot of time making it super clean. (I didn’t have the proper metal file on hand) :rolleyes:

Wouldn’t pretty much all cases have this same problem? I doubt BenQ expected everyone to cut a hole in their drive cage.

How much heat does that thing pump out, now?

There is no extra fan inside the drive.

Hi :slight_smile:
My case has guide rails which connect to the drive. The drive then slides into cage allowing a slight gap between drive & cage.
I guess BenQ had this type of system in mind.
However I don’t see this as a major problem for most users as the air movement within the drive case due to channelling & the fact that most of the heat is dissapated through drive case.
Whilst its true this heat chimney is obstructed I doubt it’s air tight, so some benefit however marginal will still exist & to open up its path could in the long term introduce dust into the process that otherwise would not be there.

The BenQ exclusive Dual Cooling System(DCS) features Anti-Dust Cooling System(ADCS) and Air Flow Cooling System(AFCS) to effictively reduce the potential for over-heating during high-speed reading and writing. With an integrated heat chimney design, ADCS redirects the heat flow out of the drive and still provides for protection from dust. AFCS accelerates the circulation insie the drive and speeds up the heat elimination through the drive’s steel housing.

I wasn’t sure, so I played on the side of caution. Regardless, I figure if the engineers were going to put a vent there, I might as well play along and make sure it can serve it’s purpose, effective or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

(If someone wants to edit my post and get it so the pics show up under the description lines, I’d appreciate it. It works the way I intended on other sites. :slight_smile: )

you would have thought that benq would have indented part of the side of the case where the cooling system vent is.