NEC6500 won't burn Maxell16x

I have a dell inspiron with NEC6500A. Recently, due to some good offer, I purchased 150 Maxell high speed DVD-R16x. My burner won’t burn. It came with following message,“Cannot write medium - incompatible format.”
Is there a way to get around this? I installed update 203D from dell but it does not do anything for me. :bow:

Update the burnsoftware first.

This is an 8x burner & clearly the firmware doesn’t support the particular media you’ve bought.
It can probably be flashed with an official NEC firmware or even a modified one [B]BUT[/B] I don’t know how safe this would be. The Dangerous Brothers website is a good source of modified firmware found here .

I read about RPC1 - sth to do with trying to break region code. But this is not a problem for me. I just want to be able to write on the 150 Blank DVD-R of Maxell 16x I just bought. :sad: Will flashing does the trick? What does flashing do?

How do I do that? I am really basic in my knowledge of DVD Burner. Any binary code does not mean anything to me. :bow:

What I was getting at with regarding to flash was not related to RPC-1 but rather to flashing it using standard NEC 6500 firmware rather than the Dell firmware. It’s likely that NEC’s firmware is more frequently updated than Dell’s so might support your disks.

Trouble is that I don’t know how safe/practical that is with this burner.

The burnsoftware you are using is exactly what and what version?

I am using DVD Decrypter v3.5.4 and Sonic Record Now! version 7. Don’t think it’s bursoftware. It’s NEC6500.

Use recommended media, that will fix all problems.

what is the recommended DVD-r media for the nec 6500? I’ve bought 2 boxes of 2 different makes and none will work. They both say they are 1 - 16x xompatible so i dont understand why they wont work.


If you want to go with one of the best in terms of quality and support, then go with Verbatim media.

BTW, I answered your question in the other thread.