NEC5320A wont read DVDs burned with my LiteOn



The LiteOn being an LDW-411S. The 5320A wont read them at all.

The video DVDs play ok in my Pioneer DVD player. Is this normal?


I think your LiteOn produces mediocre burns. Since the NEC is pretty picky, bad discs show up pretty soon on this drive. Please do a quality scan on your LiteOn (using kProbe or CD-DVD speed) and post the graph here, so we can get an impression of the quality. Also post the MID of the disc (DVDIdentifier or DVDInfoPro), since some media are known to produce bad results.


The media is TYGO2.



That is one of the ugliest scans that I’ve seen in a long time. I’m surprised that the LiteOn is actually able to read this!

If you have time, I would be interested in seeing this graph with Quick Scan turned off and with the speed reduced from “Maximum” to “4X” to see if the scan looks any different.


U sure they aren’t FAKE TYG02?, looks like scans from a fake to me.
lots of unbranded media with fake leadin codes on the market


Do you mean NEC 3520?


Those Pioneer drives are amazing! Burn a full DVD-R using the 3520 and post the quality scan.

  1. With a scan like that, the TYG02 must be fake! Maybe you can give us the brand?
  2. It’s amazing that there are drives around which still can read this!
  3. If you’ve any of these discs left, try burning one in your NEC. Limit the speed to 4x, since most fake TYG02’s I’ve run into, are actually 4x media which have been given the fake TYG02 MID to allow them to be burned (and sold!) as 8x… Do a quality scan of the NEC burned disc in your LiteOn, it should be considerably better. My fake TYG02’s have PI<100 and PIF<20 when burned in my 3500, usually with a mountain in the end.


Maybe try burning them in your fireplace… :wink:


Maybe that’s even a better idea :wink:


The TYGO is branded as BUDGET from I bought them from They are rated as 8x but will actually burn on the NEC 3520 at 12x.

I burnt this one at 12x.

and this at 8x


they are fakes



Is there any way of rescuing DVDs burned on this kind of media?


You could have a go at Isobuster, using RAW read mode. And use a good reading drive. Or try as much readers as possible, saving all results, and glue your DVD together from the pieces.


they may not necessarily be fakes. That conclusion based on a scan from a Lite-On burn doesn’t mean much, as many Lite-On firmwares have poor write strategies for various media IDs. I’ve had to do a fair amount of write strategy swapping & experimentation to get my Lite-On to produce good quality burns with some media.


If they sold as “budget” they fakes, don’t need to see a scan.


Budget brand only sells crap. If it’s MID says TYG02, it’s fake! Definitely!!! You can get it to burn with acceptable results, doing some strat swapping, but never expect really good results.


I used DVD Decrypter at 1x to rip one of the DVDs onto my hard drive and burned it to a better media using my NEC. Decrypter said No Errors.

Does this sound like a good way to go?


yes, so long as you can get the contents to your harddrive then when you burn it back to good media all`s well again.


K, thanks for your help. :slight_smile: